Salt Lake Community Education


The Salt Lake Community Education sent me a brochure of what courses they offer. There’s some interesting things there (birding, pottery and so on), but also these:

– Budget Travel
– Green House Cleaning
– Knitted Christmas Ornaments
– Plumbing Workshop
– Hula Hooping
– Laughter Yoga
– Scottish Country Dancing
– Astrology and Birth Chart Interpretation (only 80 dollars!)
– Creative Cake Decorating
– Feed Your Pet the Right Way
– Organizing Solutions
– Positive Thinking and Affirmations
– Upholstery (Beginning and Intermediate)
– Money Mastery
– You’re On the Air (How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs!)
– Learn to Work with your Dreams
– Personality Science (Face Reading)
– Winterize your Motorcycle
– How to Buy your First Home
– Samoan (Beginning)
– Swahili (Beginning)

If there’s not a class for you in Salt Lake City, you are hopelessly boring!


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  1. If you take the courses in Money Mastery, Personality Science (Face Reading), Learn to Work with your Dreams, Laughter Yoga and Hula Hooping you will become some sort of unstoppable supervillain!

  2. Yeah, I could do that. Or, rather, Swahili, Japanese and a course I missed when I leafed through this yesterday: “Foraging edible wild foods in Utah”! Or perhaps Knitting socks?
    There seems to be a lot of good, interesting courses, but then something like “Personality Science” barges in and makes me laugh again… “Each person has 60+ genetically based traits that set him/her apart […] Come and learn about your major traits and how they affect areas of money, tolerance, career, communication, time management, emotions, thinking, and confidence.”
    I shouldn’t have given you that phrenology book!

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