Those Magnificent Men!


Min kompis Hampus håller på att utveckla ett luftskeppsracingspel.

My friend Hampus is developing an airship racing game.

För närvarande har det inget namn, och reglerna är lite skissartade. Gå hit och kolla:

At the moment it has no name, and the rules are a bit sketchy. Follow the link and have a look:


Namnförslag: “Those Magnificent Men…” efter filmen “Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines“, vilket inte är en superb film, men åtminstone bitvis trivsam, och med en underhållande och trallvänlig öppningsmelodi.

Name suggestion: “Those Magnificent Men…” after the movie “Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines“, which may not be a brilliant movie, but is at least partly enjoyable, and has an entertaining and memorable opening melody.


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    • I too checked Quicksilver out recently, and there are similarities, but not really very many (only rather obvious ones)

      ‘Those Magnificent Men’ is an excellent name suggestion, marred by the same problem as most of the other ones, like for example ‘a Day at the Races’; they’re film titles. I don’t exactly fear copyright infringement brouhaha, but using a film title usually indicates direct inspiration from that film, which isn’t the case. One of the best suggestions I’ve had so far is ‘Hot Air’ which is sufficiently punny to be a good idea even though I imagine the airships are filled with hydrogen or helium or ballium rather than hot air.

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