Labour Day etc.


I måndags visade det sig vara Labour Day, vilket jag var oförberedd på och därför gick till universitetet som vanligt, och fattade misstankar först när hela parkeringen var tom. Gick istället hem till en kollega på labbet, Sabrina, och åt en andra frukost bestående av fattiga riddare och nån sorts ost-pyttipanna. Sedan till Liberty Park för att försöka leta upp Pygmy Nuthatch Sitta pygmaea som enligt Utah Birds ska vara en av parkens specialiteter. Hittade ingen, men två nya arter för Utah, varav en var livskryss:

This Monday turned out to be Labour Day, which I was unprepared for, and therefore went to the university as usual. I didn’t suspect anything until I saw that the parking lot was empty. Instead, I went to a colleague in the lab, Sabrina, and had a second breakfast of French toast and potatoes-and-cheese. Then on to Liberty Park to look for the Pygmy Nuthatch Sitta pygmaea which is supposed to be a specialty of the park according to Utah Birds, I didn’t find any, but did get two new species for Utah, one of which was also a first ever:

Sitta canadensis — Har sett i Kanada / Have seen in Canada
Empidonax oberholseri – Ny! / New!

Utah-listan / Utah List: 43
USA-listan / US list: 56

Nu i helgen är jag eventuellt inbjuden till att följa med på en insektsinsamlingsexpedition till en canyon någonstans söderut. Det är en av våra labassistenter (Undergraduates) som läser en kurs i entomologi, där det ingår att åka dit och samla insekter, och de får ta med sig vänner och liknande så hen ska ta med sin flickvän och mig. Det lär ska finnas puma där, till exempel, och “massor av fågel och insekter” enligt de flesta. Får se hur det artar sig.

This weekend I’m possibly invited to come along on an insect collection expedition to a canyon somewhere in the South. It’s one of our undergraduates who’s taking a course in entomology where this expedition is a part, and they are allowed to bring friends and so on, so she’ll be bringing her girlfriend and me. The area is supposed to have mountain lions, and “lots of birds and insects”, according to people in the lab. So we’ll see.


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  1. I’m always amused how the USians need to have an ostensible reason for having an official public holiday. Over here (UK), we just have a day off. Last Monday of August… it’s August Bank Holiday (called “Bank Holidays” because these were the only working days that banks were closed, in ye olden days of yore). We don’t attach any significance to it; it’s just a day off. But the equivalent USian holiday (first Monday in September) has to be named “Labor Day”. Quite ironic, actually, since less labor/labour takes places then. Oh, and whatever their May holiday thing is, too. In the UK, there’s the first Monday in May, which is May Day, and then the last Monday in May, which doesn’t actually get called anything much. Just another day off, wheeeeee! I know the US days get names just because They Should Have Names. How quaint!

  2. Sooner or later, there will be a Great Flynn Day, and then you won’t be ridiculing the Americans as much.

    In fact, I hereby declare the 15th of September to be Great Flynn Day! I will of course celebrate by eating the traditional Flynn Cake and wear a paper Flynn Mask.

    At sunrise, the mayor will crown the Flynn-of-the-Day, who gets to wear a crown made of acorns and make mock legislation regarding poultry. After this, there will be a brass band by the pond, a pig wrestling tournament, and then all kids will gather for the great Catch-As-Catch-May game (it is said that the person you touch with your pistil on Great Flynn Day is the person you will eventually end up marrying). Then there’s the High School Poetry Competition (this year’s theme is “accordions”), and then of course there are fireworks by the canal in the evening, and five minutes before Midnight, the band strikes up Bernhard Vogelwarte’s eminent “March of the Flynns”, and everyone sings along in the refrain.

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