Good conversation openers


Some suggestions for your everyday use:

“I saw a leopard cry today, and punched it for destroying my long-held image of them as noble, manly creatures, and not milksops.”

“Sorry for interrupting the silence, but I felt I just had to tell you about Aden.”

“Propane or propene: discuss!”

“Ah, America. I remember when it was all swamps.”

“I bet no one in this room can do a better pheasant impersonation that this: [imitate a pheasant]”

[For instance to a young lady at a party:]
“If I were you, I wouldn’t mention the word ‘parakeet’ within earshot of that man over there [indicate man well outside earshot]”

If you use any of these, please write and and tell us about it. One lucky writer may win a nice prize!

We end with this pig playing some sort of flute:


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