Communist Brueelia?


Today I was looking for references to a mysterious taxon “Brueelia communis” listed in the Cornell lab’s Phthiraptera collection. It’s a name I have never seen before, and it has no author in the list, but I wanted to find out if there was any other mention of it anywhere, so I googled it.

Among the results were:

Is this true? Is the communist party in what I assume is the Czech Republic winning votes by describing lice????

It quite disappointingly turns out that I am not aiding the second rise of the Socialist World Republic by describing lice (six species under way, so far, though none of them in Brueelia). The link leads to some sort of literature list search engine at the Villanova Catholic University in Villanove, Pennsylvania, showing results for the name “Tomás Procházka”, who has written the following articles:

– The Polar Bear and Public Opinion
– The Second Generation (this is the article about the rise of the communist party)
– On Holographic Superconductors with DC Power
– Quantum critical superfluid flows and anisotropic domain walls
– Type IIB holographic superfluid flows
– Vagus nerve stimulation: Longitudinal follow-up of patients treated for 5 years
– Stereotactic radiofrequency amygdalohippocampectomy in the treatment of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy

So either this is a common name in Czech Republic, or he has quite diverse research interests.

But what about the lice? Well, this is the article it refers to:

Chewing lice (Phthiraptera) from wild birds in Senegal, with descriptions of three new species of the genera Brueelia and Philopteroides

Co-authored by my friend and colleague Oldrich Sychra. As you can see in the link, there is a Procházka in the author list, but his name is Petr, and the search engine reacted to the fact that there was a Tomás Najer in the author list as well.

Still no luck with “Brueelia communis”, though, but I suspect that may actually be Philopterus communis Nitzsch, 1818 = Philopterus citrinellae (Schrank, 1776). I’ll see if we cannot get their collection (and their copy of Stafford’s 1942 dissertation “The Mallophaga of the Southern United States with Special Reference to those of Missisiisppi”) sent here to make sure…


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  1. Men communis betyder ju bara vanlig?! Juniperus communis till exempel, helt normal enebuske. Vanligt förekommande. Ledsen att krossa illusionen om en kommunistisk lus.

    • Nå, det vet jag väl. Jag skrev in “Brueelia communis” i sökfältet, men google är inte smart nog för att se skillnad på “communis” och “communist”, och letade upp en länk som innehöll det jg skrev ovan.

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