Great week


Not only has the following great article been published in DN, showing that it’s okay to call the Swedish Democratic Party fascists, but the racists of SD have — surprise, surprise — been revealed to be racists! Who would ever have guessed? That people who are members of parliament for the party that evolved out of the White Power movement are not very fond of people who are not white? Why, I am glad that I was sitting down when I found out!

And to crown it all, there’s been a remarkable series of discoveries published at Alliansfritt Sverige about the racism in Folkpartiet — the Friendly Fascists’ Party — in Gnesta, which has caused two more racists to resign from their posts.

A GREAT WEEK, although I have not seen anything about the racists in Gnesta in any of the mainstream newspapers.

Anyway, hooray for racists losing power at all levels! Now, all we need to get rid of is the Moderate Party, which is the most scary of the fascist parties in Sweden, as they are so widely accepted among people in general. I hope that eventually, people will realise that the difference between fascism and conservatism is a quantitative difference, not a qualitative one.


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    • That’s such a short and inconsequential comment in DN that it barely counts… It *should* be as huge as the SD issue is, I think. It shouldn’t matter which party it is that are excluding their racists, it should all be on the front page. You might even say that since everyone already *knew* that the SD politicians were racists, that is a lesser piece of news that that the purported liberals are racists is.

  1. SD is neither a racist or a fascist party. look instead of the so called green party (mp) in sweden. or the conseravtive party (m). m have a person waberi who is active islamist. mp have another such one who in his role as convenor of the largest muslim youth organisation had pseechers who will kill all homosexual, equal women men is stupid, jews and christians are secondary human, 11/9 was an american project etc. we have very nice other politician in sweden but the main problem is that the media only like to be active against people within sd. if they do the same research for all politic people in sweden i guess atleast 10 percent must leave. sd will have the lowest percent amount

    • Hi, moron.

      The main reason that I believe that SD is a racist party is because it evolved more or less seamlessly from the White Power/Racist groups like Bevara Sverige Svenskt (Keep Sweden Swedish), that time and time again their representatives turn out to be racists in their blogs and — most recently — their cell phone videos, and that whenever they try to discuss any subject outside their insane hatred of Muslims and blacks, they turn the conversation to their insane hatred of Muslims and blacks.

      I know Jimmie Åkesson has said that he wanted to change the party when he joined it, but why, if you want to be a politician in a non-racist party, do you chose to join a racist party and try to change it to a non-racist party, instead of just joining an already non-racist party? Like the rest of, oh more or less all the crap the SD says, this makes no sense whatsoever.

      Yes, I know that the Moderate Party are fascists; in fact, I even call them that in this very post. There is, as I said in the post, no qualitative difference between a conservative and a fascist, only a quantitative difference, just as there is no qualitative difference between how mentally retarded devotees of various religions are, just a quantitative one. If your ideology is stuck in the bronze age (as is all the Abrahamic religions and much of conservatism), it doesn’t particularly matter what part of the bronze age they are stuck in: its all the same regressive idiocy.

    • Also, you’ll note that I specifically draw attention to the fact that two racists in FP were outed this week, and that this has been largely ignored by mainstream media (as far as I can tell from abroad). I definitely think that media should look deeper into racists and fascists in other parties, and I am sure that the largest percentage of racists and fascists will be found in the Moderate Party, if only because Åkesson keeps kicking out all the open racists in his party. If he continues doing that, he’ll eventually end up with the sort of half-blind troglodyte who actually believe that SD has any other values than white supremacy.

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