1. The snow is gone, apart from in the mountains! And it is too hot to wear knitwear outside during the day (but still nice in the morning…).

2. I thught I had lost all my photos from Japan and Utah when the old computer crashed, but fortunately, I could retrieve them from my TimeMachine backup. As gods played no part in this, nor in anything else, really, I can only say: Thank me for doing backups!

3. Tomorrow is another one of those holidays that are peculiar to the US: Thanksgiving. It’s a food-centred holiday, the guy at the checkout at Whole Foods told me (or, rather, the guy who packed my bag for me!), and I’ve been invited to Emily’s for a Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t think Emily is religious, but you never know with friends of friends, and there is — so Hollywood teaches us — a religious element in the whole thing. As all things that I am grateful for have known causes, I don’t see the point in replacing these causes with a fictional cause that was not at any stage involved, I hope it will be possible, if there is thanksgiving and praying and so on, not to participate.

4. As I’m staying longer than anticipated, I have bought some new potted plants, and I brought a cement block home from work to keep some of them on. All the plants are tiny, because that’s the cheapest ones you can get, and I’ll replant them in the spring. But this flat is slowly turning into a home… I’ve already filled the book shelf…


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