Dressed in your Pyjamas in the Supermarket / Titanic the Musical


I was at Smith’s (a large grocery store) today FOR VARIOUS REASONS.

There were several people, almost exclusively women, dressed in their pyjamas trousers there today. Soft-looking trousers with Disney motifs or Hello Kitty patterns or any other variety you could think of. This has probably been the case before, but I never noticed until today, which struck me as a singularly unsuitable day to go outside in your pyjamas, as it’s been snowing (again) for three days, and when I left work today, it was probably -10 outside. What could it possible be that someone needs to buy so urgently that they cannot change to a proper pair of trousers when it’s -10 outside?

Incidentally, writing the title of this post reminded me on the Broadway Musical “Titanic the Musical”, which has a song called “Dressed in your Pajamas in the Grand Salon“, sung just as the ship is starting to sink (click the link, and fast forward to about 13:30). It’s not a great musical, but it has some nice numbers, such as “The Blame” (starting at about 23:20 in the same clip) and the whole sinking scene (“If tomorrow is not in store / Let this embracing / Replace forever / Keep us together / Evermore!”).

Anyway, it’s VERY cold here, and there’s about 5-10 centimetres of snow everywhere.


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