Projects for the week


1. Write at least 10 chapters of manuscript for Isi’s comic (two and a half are done).

2. Collate all the discussions me and Flynn have had about the board game into as comprehensive a rule book as is possible.

3. Finish groups X and Y in the Brueelia paper.

4. Finish at least one of the subsidiary papers (I’ve started on papers on Emersoniella, Cuculicola, Alcedoecus, and Capraiella, as well as older papers on Columbicola and Philopteroides.

5. Bake Christmas cookies following recipes in a “Christmas Cookies Magazine” I bought.

6. Write up those two new departments for Hanne’s university I have in mind (or at least one).

This post was made for the purpose of actually spurring me on to do something else than knitting and listening to old episodes of “På Minuten” when I get home from work…


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