Link and amazing surprise


This is a very nice discussion.

And now for the amazing surprise:

The professor in our lab, Dale Clayton, once described a species of owl louse, and named it after Gary Larson, the great cartoonist. The louse is thus called Strigiphilus garylarsoni Clayton, 1990. As I understand it, Larson was so proud that he invited Dale to his ranch to hold a speech in front of Larson’s family, and Dale (either than or later) got a signed copy of a boxed set limited edition of all Larson’s comics. I’ve seen this box, and it’s HUGE.

Thus far, this was not news to me, but what was news to me was what I found out today: that they apparently have kept contact at least occasionally, and that Dale sent the link to Hanne’s advent calender to Larson, who loved it. So at least one of your followers throughout this month has been one of the great comics creators of the 20th century. Dale told me this today, and I thought that was pretty amazing.


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