Christmas brunch


I was invited for Christmas brunch at Sarah and Dale’s house today (1), which was lovely. Many of their relatives were their, and I got a hand-knitted hat and some water colour paintings reproduced on postcards from Sarah’s mother, and a tote bag with lice one it from Sarah. One Lunaceps and one Brueelia, but I can’t tell the species from the pictures (I have made guesses though, on Brueelia ornatissima (Giebel, 1874) and Lunaceps schismata Gustafsson and Olsson, 2012, and Sarah has the pictures she used somewhere so she can check. There is a third picture as well, with some lice in place on a feather, which Sarah said were Brueelia, but the resolution is too poor for any correct identification even to genus level. There is a hint at large preantennal nodi on some of them, and this combined with the quite triangular heads and colour difference between the head and the abdomen may suggest that they are what will (once again) be known as Guimaraesiella after this revision is finished, but nothing can be said with certainty without looking at a picture with better resolution.

I also did some tobogganing (on one of those enormous round, slightly parabolic, discs that are so popular these days) twice, ate some delicious ham (this week I eat meat so that the sun will come up again and we will get spring!), got to play with a dog that loves carrots and broccoli, and talked to Dale’s Japanese sister-in-law, so now I’m all keyed up to re-learn Japanese again… fortunately, I brought more or less all my Japanese books and stuff here, so now I will finally start again and as there are few other distractions here, maybe I’ll actually get it done this time…

(1) For some reason, if I write something in the evening, it will be published in the future. This post refers to the 25th, not the 26th.


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