More great art!


Here’s some more nice art.

1. Menno Aden.
I particularly like the “Room Portraits”, which are simply photos of rooms from above.

Menno_Aden_Untitled (O.W.)_2009

Menno_Aden_Untitled_(Corner Shop II)_2011

2. Chiharu Shiota.
I particularly like the work “A Room of Memory”:


But these hair-inspired great things are also awesome!


It would be tricky to have either in your home, I guess…

3. Judith Klausner.

I liked this one best of all:
Judith Klausner Mantis Endoskeleton 2007

But this one, in which a single bee is sacrificed to save everyone, is also a favorite:

Judith Klausner Apis Ignota Operaria Alvi 2009 1

Judith Klausner Apis Ignota Operaria Alvi 2009 2

I usually ignore these “RandomPersonX liked your post”, as they usually only appear only on posts where these comments make no sense. However, this time, someone whose art is actually great, if simple, liked this post, so I post a link to his/her art as well.


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    • Jag börjar mer och mer tycka om bönsyrseskelettet och funderar på att göra något liknande i ståltråd på hantverksträffen i helgen…

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