“Words of Wisdom” for the day


I’m currently drinking water from a tea cup that originally had one of those bland, feel-good, nonsense messages on it, but which was modified by someone in the lab at some point, to be more relevant to parasitology. I find the message is improved immensely:

just when the
thought the
world was over,
a parasitic wasp
laid eggs in it’s brain


Can you spot which part was changed?


8 responses »

  1. I would hazard to guess, that the part about the parasitic wasp was not in the original. Whatever the original was, I’m sure this is better!

  2. Correct! You have won a categorical imperative, available in baby blue, foam teal, leopard spotted, or neon pink!

    (The original probably has to do with butterflies, but I don’t want to peel off the stickers…)

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