I first got to know my brilliant friend Isi in Austria sometime in 1999 or so. Jon had recommended a homepage (one of those Geocities pages or something that were so popular) where a friend of his in the US was putting up manga drawings she did. I think she was in some way involved with one of the early manga/anime magazines in America, or something similar, and Jon pestered her until she actually drew the cover for the magazine of our small, but intense, manga/anime society Shomanga in Jönköping during the late 90’s and early 00’s. Beautiful art, and I still have all of them somewhere, including the posters for most of our anime movie weekends, Jon’s master thesis, and some newspaper clippings about our society.

Anyway, that homepage was part of a web ring (do they still exist?), and as I was looking through the other parts of that ring, I came across Isi’s page, where she had some sketches and some unfinished stories. She also at some point asked for someone to write her a script for a story, because she wanted to draw, but she was bad at coming up with stories. I mailed her, and we’ve remained great friends ever since. She was, among other things, the first person I ever spoke on ICQ with, and apart from Janette and the bale-of-hay/rodentlike-artful-dodger Geoff “Andrew” Ford, she could be said to be my first couchsurfer, as she came to visit me in the winter of 2001, when I still lived at Ostkupan.

We never did do any project together, though.

BUT! She asked me again a few years ago when I was down to visit her and her lovely family in Vienna, and now, after only about 13 years, I’ve actually sent two chapters of a story to her, written in manuscript form, and she’s started ding sketches about some of the characters. I was sent one yesterday, and have her permission to post it. So, here’s Dulcemorte:


I will remain secretive and non-responsive for questions about this for the time being, so just enjoy the sketch.


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    • I’m hoping the whole thing will be great, of course, but this character was the one that sort of created the rest of the story around it.

      [It might interest Skyman, at least, that this will be one of the 16.]

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