According to various automatic reminders, two people I know have become older:



Great congratulations!

And if by chance these automatic reminders are wrong, you’ve probably done something else that deserves a congratulation, so I’m not wantonly wasting congratulations on you.


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  1. My humble thanks! According to my observations, 8 out of 10 presents at a 31st-birthday party are bottles of red wine, but I think I need a larger sample…

    • An independent measurement made this morning lend some support to your hypothesis, but out of three (or maybe two) presents, only one was a bottle of red wine. The other two (or one, they may be considered a package) were bottles of BBQ-oil…

      • In my case, the other two presents were a bottle of Bailey’s and a bottle of Kriek. It’s probably social protocol to considerably up your alcohol intake at 31. Probably because you’re expected to have a reasonably well paid job to buy more booze, and to be enough stressed out by said job to feel the need for a drink every now and then.

      • I got ginger bread, marzipan and licorice for my birthday! I’m obviously living under a different social protocol where I am expected to get nice and fat once I turn 31.

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