Cold and cold


So the last week has had:
– Rain that freezes when it touches the ground, so that everything is covered in a thin crust of ice;
– Pouring rain that sweeps away all the ice and much of the snow;
– A persistent snow storm that caused no less than two car accidents (one humorously involving a snow plough) on my street alone;
– Sunshine during the day that melts the snow;
– Snow during the night, obviating any progress towards Divine Spring that could have been caused by the sunshine during the day.

Did some of you just prank me into believing that I left Gothenburg, and in reality I am just living in one of those parts of the two that everyone knows exists, but no one has ever visited, such as Mölndals Kråka, Björlanda, or Gullbergsvass?

Also: I have a slight cold, which is not incapacitating, but very irritating.


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  1. An elaborate, but ultimately worth it, I think. Now, the question you have to ask yourself is, “Is my grant from VR part of the hoax?”…

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