Some nice essays


“The Invention of the Genetic Code” by Brian Hayes.
Apart from being a very nice insight into what the genetic code could have looked like, I think the greatest message this essay gives to me is that scientists are, in general, not as creationists describe them. I have heard a thousand times that “evolutionists” will refuse to consider any evidence that goes contrary to their “pet theory”, and I think this essay shows very concisely that not only are scientists — even biologists! — fully prepared to consider multiple possible solutions to a problem, they are also willing to consider seriously the input from non-experts in the field they are working with. And, in the end, we go with whatever model happens to be supported by the evidence.

“Who can name the bigger number?” by Scott Aaronson.
I’ve read this essay many times over the last few years, as I never seem to remember, after a while, what a “Busy Beaver number” actually is, even though the name sticks. That’s what biology does to your brain, I guess!


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