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Margret Thatcher, the woman who gave heartless fascistoid idiocy an ugly face, is dead, which means that while there is not longer a Margret Thatcher, there is still a society. This is interesting, as her whole political viewpoint was base on the assumption that the opposite was true.

Another fun fact about Margret Thatcher is that Annie Lööf idolizes her. Lööf is interesting, in that she’s not the normal kind of t-shirt-in-their-trousers, basement-dwelling, myopic misanthrope that forms most of Thatcher’s fanbase, and it is fun to speculate on exactly why Lööf thinks that she would be part of Thatcher’s Master Race, given that she has problems being taken seriously as the leader of the Centre Party, a party that accepts virtually anyone. They accept Stefan Hanna, for instance, the man who thinks that people who receive social security should be forced to dress up as hyenas (1), and that fat people should be forced to pay more taxes than non-fat people (2). In party where you can have virtually any opinion on any subject whatsoever, and which seems to encourage its members to have both an opinion and the exact opposite opinion at the same time, Lööf is not taken seriously, even though logic dictates that all members of the party should both take her seriously and not take her seriously at the same time.

It is always funny to see people who believe they would be at the top of pyramid in the perfect society, and that all that’s holding them back is immigrants/the welfare state/too many restrictions on the stock market/too few hyena costumes. If only we could add some more fascism/objectivism/good traditional values/conservatism/hyena costume to society, everything would be good. Hah! Nonsense. We all know that, when the revolution comes, crabs will be at the top…

Anyway, happy Thatcher-is-dead day (a little late) to all of you! May she stay dead for a long time!

(1) Because NOTHING highlights your belief in liberty and equality as much as humiliating the poor.
(2) Queer-friendly people may have to pay a trans-fat tax!!!


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    • Thatcherism is the political philosophy that states that if we kick the poor hard enough, this will release enough heat to make the UK energy-independent.

      It all makes sense once you realise the mathematical and physical underpinnings of the Warped Right’s concept of four interpersonal forces which form the universe:

      Weak sociophilic force < strong sociophilic force < sociophobic force < sociopathic force.

      These translate roughly to:

      Kindness to strangers < Family Values < don't talk to the cashiers < setting the babies of the poor on fire for sport

      It may seem like the Creepy Right would put Family Values at the top, but this is incorrect. The will to strangle dissenters and deviants publicly is stronger than their will to respect marriage, life, or human rights. The key to understand this is Konrad Lorenz' theories about the origin of love from aggression. I tend to like his ideas, as they are based on geese.

      He believed (as far as I remember) that love originates in aggression; it is the displacement of territoriality from an accepted individual to the surroundings. All individuals are basically sociopathic, and will attack any other individual that invades its personal sphere. However, that is a poor evolutionary strategy (unless you can reproduce asexually), and at some point, you will need to include other individuals in your personal sphere. However, the closer these individuals come to you, the more your aggression levels increase, and you *want* to attack them.

      Geese solve this by attacking random geese, imaginary enemies, or hedges, for instance. Thereby, they show the intruder that they care so much for him/her that they are willing to allow them to be in their personal sphere, even though biochemically, this leads to aggression, which can only be dissolved by making a fool of yourself by attacking innocent bystanders.

      In the same relationship as above, we thus have:

      Being kind to geese < pair-bonding with another goose < avoiding other geese < attacking other geese

      Let us assume that the proportions between each consecutive pair is 10:1 (the < are only placeholders here, and the numbers represent some abstract costs):

      1000 < 100 < 10 < 1

      This implies that whenever we meet another goose, there is an almost insurmountable cost to being kind towards that goose, compared to killing them on sight. Naturally, this is a poor evolutionary strategy, and needs to be overcome in some way. Luckily, the currency of this system is unlimited within every person; it is just a matter of how you chose to spend it.

      Here is the great dichotomy:
      To socialists/anarchists/sane people who have been schooled to show solidarity, and to eschew capitalist models, these costs are irrelevant. It does not cost more to be kind to strangers than it does to kill them; in fact, the reverse it true for a variety of reasons I won't go into here.
      To the CCCP, this is not the case, as they assume that whoever has the most of this currency when they die, wins. The goal of social interaction is to save as much of your own currency, while forcing your opponent to waste theirs. As both geese start in aggression, and the step to tolerance is small (a ten-fold cost), this is the level that most CCCP are comfortable with, and that is where they will stop. Only if an even higher benefit can outweigh the cost for going to pair-bonding will the geese actually do so; that is, if they either get a currency return that is potentially larger than the cost, or they, by spending this cost, can cause the opponent to spend even more, will they do so.

      These gains can, of course, be in another currency, such as sex, money, influence, territory, power, prestige, or something.

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