Tokyo Tower


Skyman recently sent me this link, which is a high pixel-count 360 degree panorama view from Tokyo Tower. He then challenged me to find as many bird species as possible in that photo, and we spent some time trying to find some. The very long distances makes this very hard, but I have found some.

The first one was this:


Some kind of gull swimming in the mouth of Sumida River, opposite Hamarikyuteien, about 2.5 kilometers away. It seems likely this is a Black-tailed Gull Larus crassirostris, but it’s of course virtually impossible to be sure.

I also found these crows (?) a bit further upriver:


Either Oriental Crow Corvus orientalis or Large-billed Crow Corvus macrorhynchus, but again, it is impossible to tell… Another corvid is this Magpie Pica pica in Hamarakyuteien:


The black birds are probably crows of some sort as well, but cannot be identified at this distance.

There are lots of Great Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo along the Sumida river, such as this one:


The largest concentration in the picture is at one of the artificial islands in Tokyo Bay (I don’t know which one):


I have a picture of another gull (probably the same species), but forgot where this one was taken, and can’t find it again:


The same goes for this Domestic Pigeon Columba livia which I think is in one of the parks near the base of the tower.


These two Domestic Pigeons are from the Zoujou-ji:


Curiously, these three are the only pigeon I’ve found so far! I also don’t know where this grab is from, or even what species this is:


These are much closer to the tower than the crows, and I believe they are at the most the size of thrushes. Tree Sparrow Passer montanus?

There are also some nice anomalies. This one is from Zoujou-ji, for instance:


This is from closer to the river:


And here are some double-copies of the same people and cars, from around the tower:






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