Ottenby Addendum #1


Yesterday afternoon, I got some lice from a Gadwall Anas strepera, and this afternoon, just as I had gone to take a nap, they caught a Pintail Anas acuta and another Cuckoo Cuculus canorus. I’ve so far got lice from the two ducks, and the Cuckoo is being fumigated as I write this. The lice from the ducks are the following:

Anaticola crassicornis (most likely species) from both host species.
Anatoecus sp. from the Gadwall.

We also saw some Holomenopon on the Gadwall yesterday, but as usual they were too fast to be collected. When Heidi comes down here, we’ll try to gather some Trinoton from Mallards Anas platyrhynchus and see if we cannot replicate an old manuscript that states that they can walk on water, and uses ripples in the water to navigate to new hosts (Stone, unpublished [1967])!

References cited:
Stone, W.B. (1967). The ecology of parasitism in captive waterfowl. Unpublished manuscript, available from (Retrieved 2011-11-25).


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  1. Update: The Cuckoo gave no lice, but a Hippoboscid fly. Like all parasites we find, it’s been collected and will be brought back to the lab. No one in our lab works with Hippoboscid taxonomy, but we will perhaps send them to some other lab, if there is interest.

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