Vulture cake


This is what the vulture cake looked like (it is now eaten…)


We were first going to make the cake in the shape of a vulture, but it turned out to be too small, so it wouldn’t have been enough for everyone (or everyone would have got a very small piece; conceivably, in this Conservative-Norm world of ours, one or two would have got divided the cake between them and the rest would have been distracted by the news that Japan got the 2020 Olympics!)

The cake was made in several steps, the most salient were the baking of two sponge cakes, one with chocolate and one without. Between these (they were too thin to cut) we put raspberry jam and some very thick custard. Whipped cream on top, and then we traced the likeness of the vulture in sprinkles. It looked too much like a crane or a goose carrying a pair of paddles:


We therefore felt obliged to write “vulture” on the cake so that there would be no embarrassing situations in which passing vulture fanciers believed we were somehow detracting from the International Vulture Awareness Day by instead celebrating an unrelated crane-based event. We could have written this in sprinkles, but Barbara thought it would be better to use some chocolate sauce, so she mixed milk and cocoa in the old Lucky Luke manner:


“If you want to make good coffee, wet half a kilo of ground coffee slightly, put it in the pot, and let it brew for an hour. Then add a horse shoe. If the horse shoe doesn’t float, you add more coffee.”

The sauce was inedible (except to Barbara, but those weird Spanish ladies can eat anything. Or so I’ve heard).

In any case, the cake was nice, and everyone became aware of vultures, and the problems they face. Or, rather, the problems they faced, as most of them are dead.


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