The legs


The last few days have been quite busy, especially since we do other things after the catching is done (baking, watching movies, and so on). We’ve reached 1238 searched birds, and today we finally got lice in large numbers from Song Thrush Turdus philomelos, as well as a few lice from Dunnock Prunella modularis and Treecreeper Certhia familiaris. We also got some lice from a male Goshawk Accipiter gentilis just a few minutes ago!

On the other hand, I’ve lost full control of my legs, and am walking around as an invalid, with Heidi having to support me when I want to go from the lab to the main part of the house. I’ve suffered from sleep deprivation the last few days, as I’ve been having recurring dreams about my dead grandmother. This happens every now and again, but this is probably the worst case ever. I don’t remember the actual dreams, but they leave me with the same ghastly feeling as when my father and I went to her apartment just a few days after she had died, and it looked as though she could come around a corner at any moment. I can’t describe the feeling properly, but it is haunting me, and once I wake up, I don’t fall asleep properly again that night. Maybe ten-twenty minutes every now and then, but when I fall asleep, I am gripped by the same feeling, and wake up again.

Possibly this, or possibly something else, has caused my legs to malfunction. The legs feel very heavy and stiff, but the knees feel as though they would give out at any moment, if I just put too much weight on them. I have problems lifting my feet, as it feels like I have no strength in them whatsoever. When I got up this morning, I got the same feeling in my arms as well, but that seems to have passed (though they still feel a bit weak), and I had problems focusing both when listening and when searching for lice during the first few net rounds. I really hope this will clear up tomorrow, and I’ll try to get a good night’s sleep today, even if I have to take one of Heidi’s sleeping pills.

Incidentally, we are trying to find out whether or not we could go to the bird rehabilitation center outside Gothenburg and/or Nordens Ark in early October, and collect lice from their birds. I haven’t heard back, but I’m hoping it will be okay, and that we’ll get to try to find some lice from some owls and other, larger, birds. We’ll see if any of them get back to me…


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