Thrushes and legs


I was under strict orders from Heidi to sleep long today, as I have been sleeping so poorly lately. Didn’t help, though, but I did stay in bed until just before seven at least, and woke up to find that my legs are feeling almost normal now. The knees were a bit wobbly this morning, but it has all sorted itself out during the day, except that they still feel a bit stiff, possibly because I rested my weight poorly on them yesterday. In any case, I seem to be restored more or less to normal, to the great relief of everyone, especially Olof who had served a mushroom toast the day before, and was afraid that the leg business was a result of some poisonous mushroom.

We searched 68 birds today, 49 of which were Song Thrushes Turdus philomelos and ten Sparrowhawks Accipiter nisus, with the remainder being a diverse group including the first Brambling Fringilla montifringilla of this trip. We got lice from a total of 12 of the thrushes, which can be compared to none in the first 43 I collected (before this trip) and 2 from the first 35 collected during this trip. Most of them are Menacanthus, but I think we got one or two Brueelia as well.

I had the idea once that infested birds should generally migrate later than non-infested birds, as there is a slight (but noticeable) effect on metabolic rates of the hosts when they are infested. Maybe this is some sort of evidence for this? Hard to tell with this very small sample size, I suppose.


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  1. Olof as in Olof Persson som jag läst med? Du får hälsa honom från mig i så fall. Vad skönt att benen fungerar bättre för dig. Hurra för sömn! =)

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