Things to do


Here’s a list of things I have had piling up while I was gone, just so people understand why I’m not updating this very much:

– Sorting through the material Heidi, Emily, and I collected in Sweden;
– Looking at a small sample of lice from Greenland I got from Mihaela Ilieva (through Sabrina who met her at a conference in Lithuania);
– Looking at some plover lice from Madagascar I got from a PhD student in Hungary;
– Looking at about 1700 slides I just got from Slovenia (mainly Brueelia);
– Looking at some samples Andrew collected in the Philippines, which may include some target species for the Brueelia project;
– Edit the illustrations for three papers I want to finish this year (one with new Emersoniella, one with new species of Paraphilopterus from New Guinea, and one with new records and species of pigeon lice from Japan);
– Make more illustrations, and edit the old ones, for the Brueelia project;
– Help with the Brueelia phylogeny article;
– Mount and look at Coot lice I got from Kevin Johnson;
– Collate all the collection data from Sweden and try to get that into a faunal report at least;
– Start thinking about what to use the ecological data we collected in Sweden for;
– Start doing descriptions for a paper on Philopteroides from New Guinea.

So there are lots of louse-related things to do!


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