We’re watching through the Disney animated movies this trip, and have seen 13 or so by now, out of the c. 50 we have got. A mystery occurred with one of the last movies, however. We were going to watch Cinderella, but as I transferred the movie to VLC, I noticed that it was very short, only about 30 minutes. However, I thought, DVD menus and so on are sometimes much shorter and include only the loop at the menu, and the extra material, so we started the movie. It was a movie about “Cinderella Stories” in sport, not the Disney Cinderella at all.

This was a mystery to Heidi, as she spent some time ripping DVDs and so on before we left, and she couldn’t understand how this could happen, as she’d never seen that sports DVD before, and neither she nor David are interested in sports. We downloaded the real movie and watched that, but the mystery thickened today, when Heidi remembered that she had Cinderella on DVD herself. This was not a case of borrowing a DVD from the library and someone having put in the wrong disc, this was her own DVD that was somehow replaced with a sports DVD.

Any suggestions?


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