So we missed our flight to Vienna, and British Airways kindly decided that that meant that we also didn’t want our subsequent flights (from Vienna to Gothenburg for me, and from Vienna to Lisbon, and then to Gothenburg for Heidi) so they cancelled them. This is apparently standard procedure, and one of the many reasons why the travel industry needs to be reformed. When you buy a ticket that is multiple-destination, with week-long stops at some of the destinations, that is for some idiotic reason treated as layovers, so if you miss one leg of the trip, it is assumed that you won’t make it to the next leg so why should they hold the seat you’ve paid for in case you can manage to get a new flight to your destination? Far better to just cancel it and sell it to someone else, so that you can get paid TWICE. Yay!

I’ll be calling British Airways today and see if I can get a refund for the trips that they cancelled, so there may be some light at the end of the tunnel… However, even with a refund, I think the continental part of my trip is irrevocably cancelled, as it’s unlikely that I’d be able to find any cheap enough flights in the next few days. So once again, I’ve had to mail Tomas in Brno and cancel my visit there, and Marek in Wroclaw… it seems I’m not meant to go there… I’ll get one more opportunity when I go back and do field work this winter, though (if I do field work this winter)…

Still, if someone wants to meet up in Gothenburg while I’m here (until the 23rd), feel free to contact me! No phone, but will be at Skyman’s the whole time, working on some papers, so I’ll have all internet-based communication systems at my fingertips!


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