TAP sucks


Of course it couldn’t go that smoothly. When we arrived at Landvetter today, we found out that Heidi’s replacement flight to Lisbon had been cancelled, and she’s been given a place at another flight leaving tomorrow, with a layover in Frankfurt. They cancelled the flight about ten minutes before we got to the airport, or in other words, about two hours before it took off, meaning we couldn’t have found out about it before we left Skyman’s apartment… This is pretty okay, as her family are a bunch of pricks and bastards, but I feel sorry for the African couple in front of us at the information booth, who were continuing on to somewhere in Africa, and who would therefore miss their connection as well…

(Why are Heidi’s family a bunch of bastards? Well, there’s been plenty of signs of this before, but now that she was stuck in London and wanted to get down to see them in Portugal, they are making her pay for her own replacement flight ticket, despite her being a student with very little income, her parents being semi-wealthy retirees, and her sister being the regional director of some sort of aid company. Isn’t that enough? Well, they are not prepared to pick her up at the airport in Lisbon, but just said she’d have to take a train and then a bus. Still not enough? She doesn’t have a place to stay in Portugal, and they have not been interested in the slightest trying to help her with that. Sleeping on the floor or couchsurfing seems to be the way to go. But at least she’ll be with her family during the days, no? No. They don’t have room in their car for the first few days until her parents go home, so even if she gets to sleep on the floor in their house, after having traveled all the way there, she’ll be left along all day for the first week. Bastards! I am glad my own family are the best family I could imagine, and I wish I could share them with her.)


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