I sent in a request to MrJet to get my trip partially refunded the other day, and today I got an answer. My ticket is “non-refundable”, and therefore I cannot expect any refunding. However, I booked “avbeställningsskydd” (cancellation protection) and paid extra for that (all clearly visible on my ticket), does this not apply when it is the airline that cancels the trip? Or what is that actually?

Does it help my “cause” at all that I was snarky in my response to MrJet? No idea, but it sure felt better when I got a silly and very administrative mail from someone who clearly cannot write administrativese.

Haven’t heard anything from BA yet, and we’ll soon get the added hassle of trying to get money back for the bus ticket to Landvetter from TAP. That’s Heidi’s headache, though, as she’ll try to do that in Portugal. Haggling with BA seems to beat actually hanging out with her family, though, so it’s not only bad…


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