New dinosaurs


We went to the natural history museum today, and it’s as amazing as usual, especially the dinosaur collection. They have a new species now, Lythronax argestes, and new dinosaurs in the gift shop.

Unfortunately my card didn’t work there, as the credit union automatically puts your card on hold if you buy something on iTunes (which I did yesterday), so we had to sort that out. After that, I was still in dinosaur-buying mode, but didn’t have time to go back to the museum. Instead, we went to Smith’s Marketplace and I got a new Therizinosaurus and a new Velociraptor, but Schleich, showing here:


All three have posable arms and lower jaws, and look VERY good for being Schleich. This is Schleich’s second attempt at a Velociraptor, and curiously this one doesn’t have the large, hooked claw that the genus is so famous for. The old model had this, so it’s not that they are unaware of it.


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