Finally home again


Finally home again after a nine hours’ trip, including stops at Escalante Petrified Forest and some viewpoints on the Aquarius Plateau.Haven’t calculated the final numbers yet, but Olda and Tomas ended at 203 species, and I had some they didn’t have (and vice versa). I think my final count will be 205, of which about 50 were new species, but I’ll be back with more details. As there were some species only one of us saw, I think the final total number will be around 208. Other cool observations include:

– Gila Monster Heloderma suspectum

Collared Peccary Pecari tajacu

Nothronychus graffami

– At least three species of tarantulas

– Bryce Canyon. Always Bryce Canyon.


Unfortunately, while leaving Bryce we got stopped by the police for speeding… 120 dollars for driving nine miles/hour over the speed limit.


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