New list


Attentive readers may have noticed that there is a new page here, PA List.

This is an attempt to systematise the fossil organisms I have seen, or, rather, those I have photos of where I also have photos of their names. For that reason, fossils in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Berlin (with one exception), Vienna, Oxford, Dar es Salaam, and London are not included. Moreover, the list presently only covers vertebrates and trilobites, but I have a lot of photos of other organisms from the museum in Tokyo that may or may not be included at a later date. Also not included are fossil species I have seen in non-museum settings (Skyman, if you remember, please send me the names of the trilobites we’ve collected at our various trips!). The mammals of the museum here in Salt Lake are also not included, as it seems I’ve never taken photos of their name plates, but that may easily be amended in the future.


The list will probably be updated substantially tomorrow, after I have sorted through my photos from the Museum of Ancient Life, but it’s a bit too late in the night here to do that now… Also, this is the first step in a plan I have hatched, which involves going by bus to some natural history museum somewhere in the neighbouring states every month. There are promising museums in Phoenix, St. George, and elsewhere. I haven’t worked out the details yet, but I am guessing the following cities may be promising: Tucson, Denver, Colorado Springs, Cheyenne, Helena, Boise, Carson City, and maybe some other places. We’ll see. But travelling by bus does not seem to be very expensive, and maybe I’ll finally get to use Couchsurfing as a guest!


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