Hazel’s photos


Some people who read here have previously met my old friend Hazel from the UK. She’s a photographer, and just today she sent me the link to her homepage where she publishes some of her private works (I think she does wedding photography and stuff for a living. Notice that some of the collections are not really safe for work.

My favorite is the “FUCK YOU Charles” collection. I asked if it was her own story she’s telling, and she replied with:

The fuck you Charles thing is inspired by a real relationship. The letters are a mix of letters that I asked others to write to their ex’s. I then wrote them in my own handwriting. One is my letter to Charles. The project was originally created as part of a group project where we all produced individual works to go into a box. I made a booklet using text from messages sent between me and Charles when we were together to sort of tell a story. Then I made a hidden compartment in the bottom of the box where I hid one letter and one polaroid. So the idea was that the viewer will only ever see one polaroid and one letter and assume that’s the story but actually there’s many letters and they are all different. It didn’t matter that they aren’t my story because we have all felt heartbreak and each letter I think has something that can be related to.

In all, good photos, though only parts of her portfolio are there.


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