Birthday present…


I know it’s still some time until December 28th, but…

If anyone doesn’t know what to give me for my birthday every year for the rest of my life, this link will give you some clue…


Also, I have more or less made up my mind that I want to celebrate my birthday this year at the Museum of Ancient Life in Lehi. Probably not on the 28th, as people may be away. I need to check if they have a stupid age limit to how old the birthday child can be, but if not, here’s what they offer:

– Museum admission for the whole group

– 2 hour party room reservation

– Personal party host leading theme based activities

– Molding and casting fossil activity

– Cake, ice cream, drinks

– Party favor bags

For an additional $5 per person they will throw in a 3D Mammoth Screen movie. The prices are a bit steep, though:

$175 for 1-10 people

$225 for 10-15 people

$275 for 15-20 people (20 is the maximum)

So if you go above 10 people, you should go all the way to 15, or you’ll make a loss… same with going above 15. I will have to think about this more, but the museum is GREAT and I’d definitely want to spend another day there with people I like.


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  1. ooh, kan “Molding and casting fossil activity” kombineras med “Cake, ice cream, drinks”? då skulle det kunna bli superfina kakor…

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