Results of the visit


At least there seem to be some palpable results of Tomas’ visit here.We have started four manuscripts together, and as soon as he’s back in Czech Republic in three weeks, I’ll send him the slides he would need to finish them. The manuscripts are about:

1. New species of Philopteroides Mey, 2004, from Painted Berrypeckers, Paramythiidae.

2. New species of Philopteroides from Birds-of-paradise, Paradisaeidae.

3. New species of Philopteroides from honeyeaters, Meliphagidae.

4. New species of Philopterus Nitzsch, 1818, from drongos, Dicruridae, as well as a discussion on already described species from those hosts.

In total, we’re looking at between 10-20 new species that have been sitting around in boxes here in Salt Lake for ages, and will now finally be described! My role in this, apart from facilitating loans in my capacity as curator of the PIPeR/Elbel collection (!), has so far been to write the outlines of the manuscripts and help Tomas with the morphology, but I’ll also be proof-reading his manuscripts. Hopefully, the first one will be done before the end of the year, but it depends on how much administrative crap he has to do when he gets home. The last thing I heard was that they wanted him to provide a complete inventory list as soon as possible, which is hard to do when you’re on a different continent…


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