I’m having a sort of dull afternoon. Have to recount all the setae for some species we’re describing after it came back from the reviewer and I start noticing that evidently I must have consistently added 2 setae per segment (plus post-spiracular ones and trichobothria)… and there are about 10-15 setae per segment, for nine segments, plus ventral and pleural setae, and there are three species and about 10-20 individuals of each species need to be counted…

I’m never describing anything with lots of setae again…

Still, all the reviewer’s other comments were great! I’ll have to add some more illustrations and change some of the ones I already have, but it’s going to be much better! It’s just dull to count setae…


Incidentally, the reviewer revealed himself to me at ICP5. Is that ethical? I mean, I already had his review comments at the time, so I couldn’t try to influence him to be more lenient/strict, but still… he was a bit cryptic about it, but when the community is as small as it is, it’s typically pretty easy to figure out who has reviewed your manuscript anyway.


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