Stupid, really


Ever since I came here, there’s been one function of the microscope I use that hasn’t worked very well.

I haven’t been able to move the moving parts properly, and the image wouldn’t be very good once I tried to, so I have ignored this function. Today, I needed to see some parts of the male genitalia of some lice better, and needed that function, and it was working worse than ever. Only by almost crawling underneath the microscope and shining a lamp through the upper parts could I see that a minute piece of glass (about 3×5 mm) had somehow become lodged in the mechanism, and prevented the moving parts from moving. After some struggle, as the forceps I had didn’t reach as far in as I wanted them to (1), I got the glass out, and now the mechanism seems to work perfectly.


I’ve tried to sort this problem out before, but never thought to look at the microscope from below… from above, I could just barely see the glass once I knew it was there… bleh… at least it works now!


(1) I finally found my box of forceps the other day! Now I don’t need to buy new forceps and mini-scissors! It had for some reason been standing on Heidi’s desk the whole time! She also has some posters I bought in Sweden still, but Space knows when I’ll see those again…


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