We won!


I was on my way to the library yesterday, to get some CDs to listen to while I work (no, I haven’t run out of music, but wanted to variety…)On the way there, I was corralled into joining the team of one of the professors here at the Science Quiz Night at a pub downtown. On the way there, we picked up another two students, both biologists (well, one was bioengineering or something), and they eventually brought a fifth team mate into the team, also a biologist. Despite only being biologists (more or less), we actually won! Furthermore, we beat the second team (in which one of our grad students was a member) by a single point, and thus had our dinners paid for us.

The questions were ridiculously easy, though, considering that most of the participants seemed to be faculty… “What are the two types of cell division?”, “Which planets in the solar system do not have moons?”, and “What was the first cloned adult animal?” were some of the questions… We won by guessing the correct answers “sardines” and “Faraday” in the last round…

Embarassingly, it seems the dean (or whoever prepared the questions) made a mistake, though. The question was “Which is the only letter that does not occur in the official names of the chemical elements?”, with the correct answer being “J”. But which element has the letter “Q” in its official name? I know “ununquadium” (Uuq) used to exist, but that wasn’t — as I understand it — an official name, just a placeholder name before Flerovium was discovered. “Unnuilquadium” (Unq) also used to exist, but again as a temporary name before this was known as Rutherfordium, so did they make a mistake, or am I missing something?



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