All work, no sleep


I FINALLY was able to remove almost all of the diatomaceous earth yesterday! Three weeks of every pair of trousers being covered with white powder around the feet, and the flat being very dry all the time as the powder absorbs water. It took all evening yesterday getting rid of it. I first tried sweeping it up, but where there is as much as there was in some places, sweeping only gets it up into the air, and then it’s hard to get rid off… also, incidentally, not good to breathe in.

So I sprayed everything with water and tried to sweep it up while wet, but that also didn’t work very well, as the impact of the water from the spray can also threw up dust clouds, and the wet diatomaceous earth just stuck to the broom.

In the end, I decided to just use the mop directly, and that worked, except of course that when there are piles of the horrid stuff, it takes ages to get rid of, as the mop also gets covered in wet diatomaceous earth and needs to be rinsed all the time… I did manage to get most of it this way, but there was so much in the air and on the mop that there is still a thin layer of it everywhere, it seems. I’ll have to wash the floor again in a few days, I suppose, but for now I’m pretty satisfied.

Exhausted, and filled with delicious mint-oreo icecream, I went to bed, but was woken up by the most magnificent thunderstorm! We’ve had lots of thunder the last few months, but this was spectacular, and it seemed that for a while at least, the storm was more or less right above us, as the lightning and the thunder was almost simultaneous. And the rain was almost monsoonish! So I stayed up watching that for a while instead of sleeping, which was nice.

ETA: My furniture is now standing against the walls again! I don’t have to live like a refugee!

However, there is still diatomaceous earth behind my bed, as I couldn’t get at it without moving the bed, and it’s too heavy with the mattresses in it, and it doesn’t really matter if there is diatomaceous earth there for now…


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