New publication (finally!)


Tonight I got a mail that our paper on Paraphilopterus Mey, 2004, has finally been published!

Two new species are described:

Paraphilopterus knutieae Gustafsson & Bush, 2014, from Amblyornis macgregoriae nubicola Schodde & McKean, 1973, and two other host species.

Paraphilopterus meyi Gustafsson & Bush, 2014, from two subspecies of Cnemophilus macgregorii De Vis, 1890.

This extends the known geographic range of Paraphilopterus to New Guinea, and the known host range of the same genus to include three host families: Corcoracidae, Cnemophilidae, and Ptilonorhynchidae.

The paper is Gustafsson Bush 2014 Two New Paraphilopterus (Zootaxa, 3873: 155-164).


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